7.26 Words

准备/準備(zeon2 bei6)

prepare for; plan to

ngo5 zeon2 bei6 haa6 go3 jyut6 heoi3 ou3 mun2 waan2   
I plan to travel to Macau next month.
Be careful! The rule is time+verb.
执/執嘢(zap1 je5)
tidy up;

ngo5 jat1 go3 sing1 kei4 zap1 jat1 ci3 je5   

I tidy up once a week
So you could find that, once a week(一個星期一次)times+time
特登(dak6 dang1)/专(專)登(zyun1 dang1)
deliberately; on purpose; with intention;

ngo5 zi1 nei5 zung1 ji3 sik6 siu1 ngo2, dak6 dang1 maai5 zo2 zi2 bei2 nei5   

I know you like to eat roast goose, so I bought one to you on purpose.