Hello Guys. Today we are going to learn some food slang in Cantonese.

Are you thirsty now?

Don’t be~~LOL

The food slang we are going to learn today is totally unrelated to food~~~

Let’s see what they are.

1.大头虾 oh it’s shrimp! I love 虾 a lot. Because it’s the same sound of laughter. It brings joy to us. But wait! 大头虾 is used to describe someone is careless and forgetful.


I left my keys.

mat1 gam3 daai6 tau4 haa1 gaa3!


How forgetful you are!

2. 冬瓜豆腐 Winter melon and Tofu

Hmmm It should be a healthy dish. Maybe after my explanation, you won’t want to eat it.  There is always a feast to comfort those who have just taken part in a funeral ceremony, which called 解秽酒[gaai2 wai3 zau2]. It’s not a feast full of meats but lots of vegetables. So winter melon and tofu are necessary. Now we use it to describe something unfortunate that happened, like a accident. My parents always worry that I’ll meet an accident. Then they could say,

jyu4 gwo2 nei5 jau5 me1 dung1 gwaa1 dau6 fu6, ngo5 dou1 m4 zi1 dim2 syun3.


I don’t know what to do if you have some problems.

3. 水鱼 softshell turtles

Look at it, it looks so cute and silly right? Actually, they are not.There is a painful story between us. What’s more, when people cut it, it’s full of water. And water represents “Money” for us. OK. so we use it to describe people who have some money and are easily fooled.


He doesn’t regard you as friends at all. He only regards you as a SOFTSHELL TURTLE.

4. 咸猪手 Wandering hands

Pig knuckles should be a delicious dish. But as a woman, we hope we won’t meet a guy with 咸猪手. The story about An Lushan and Yang Guifei gives us a reference of these hands. And pigs in Chinese culture are always horny. 咸 orginates from a Cantonese word-咸湿[haam4 sap1],horny.

So 咸猪手 is used to describe a person’s groping.


You have little on. Be aware of being groped.

5. 大墨鱼 Squid

We also use another word to describe a pervert who is quite horny or erotic. 大墨鱼-squid Maybe because 大墨鱼 has lots of hands. There isn’t a reference of it. And I only learn it from this TV show. Nowadays, it is not commonly used.

6. 牛精 Beef Extract

We eat 鸡精 chicken extract a lot. But do you know beef extract? Is it tasty? I don’t know. But we use it to describe bullheaded people. Because 牛 cow is quite stubborn sometimes.

go3 sai3 lou6 zai2 jan4 zai2 sai3 sai3 zau6 gam2 ngau4 zing1, dai6 jat6 dim2 syun3?


That kid is young but very bullheaded. What could we do in the future?

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