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8.24 Words

8.24 Words 记(記)得 gei3 dak1         Remember   gei3 dak1 daai3 bou6 din6 nou5 faan1 uk1 kei5 记得带部电脑返屋企 記得帶部電腦返屋企 Remember to bring a laptop home. 借 ze3     …


Learn Cantonese Through Diary?|7.4 曱甴 Cockroach

寻cam4晚maan5训fan3得dak1一jat1啲di1都dou1唔m4好hou2, Last night, I didn’t sleep well. 因jan1为wai6临lam4训fan3前cin4, Because before bed,  我ngo5见gin3到dou2一jat1隻zek3大daai6曱gaat6甴zaat2走zau2入jap6我ngo5间gaan1房fong2 I saw a big cockroach sneaking into my bedroom. 我ngo5下haa6意ji3识sik1大daai6叫giu3, I cried out subconsciously 我ngo5家gaa1姐ze1提tai4醒sing2我ngo5, My sister reminded …