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Lots of Cantonese learners always run into a problem of how to use final particles like a native speaker. Cantonese final particles are almost used into every sentence. They are not only used to express strong feelings or sudden emotion but also used to show speaker’s real purpose.

Different final particles may have the same meaning but in different levels. For example, 係吖 係啩 係㗎 係嘅 係喇 係咩

Before today’s video, let’s be clear that this video won’t help you to speak like a native speaker in a sudden. The most useful way for you to use interjections correctly is to watch more Cantonese videos and practice more in a conversation.

1. 吖 [aa3] to express certainty

For example, your coworker asks who eats her sandwich? at pantry, then you could tell her:

Another example, when your dream girl ask if you like her♥️, then you could tell her with confidence:

我係钟意你吖! [ngo5 hai6 zung1 ji3 nei5 aa1] I do like you!

2. 啩 [gwaa3] to express uncertainty or possibility

When you are not sure, you could add 啩 in the end. For example,if you meet a girl at the restaurant but you are not sure if she is single, then you could ask your friends.

-佢係唔係单身呢? [keoi5 hai6 m4 hai6 daan1 san1 ne1?] Is she single?

-係啩~ [hai6 gwaa3] Maybe.

And when you were supposed to meet your friends at 5, but she didn’t show up. Normally she wouldn’t be late but she is late actually. Then you could say:

佢唔会迟到啩 [keoi5 m4 wui5 ci4 dou3 gwaa3] She can’t be late.

3. 㗎 [gaa3]/[gaa4]

It has two pronunciations [gaa3] and [gaa4]. When it pronounces [gaa3], it is used to emphasize. For example, my mom always reminds me of taking keys? before I go out, then I could tell my mom,

我记得㗎 [ngo5 gei3 dak1 gaa3](I do remember)


(Don’t lie to me or I will be angry.)

b.  To convey the doubtful/uncertain emotion

Gaa4 你识弹琴㗎? (Really?)You can play the piano?!

      真係㗎? (Really?)

  • 嘅  a. someone‘s

       Ge3 我嘅同事(My coworker)

  • To express the certainty

Ge3 呢个答案係啱嘅

  • To ask questions

Ge2你仲未来嘅? You’re still not here,are you?

  • 喇  a. to give a suggestion or offer

       laa1 今晚喺度食喇   一齐玩喇

     b. to inform someone

       laa3 我走喇 我食饭喇

  • 咩 =吗 in Mandarin and is used into a question to convey the doubtful emotion

係咩-Really?  你寻日无来咩?(Oh, You didn’t come yesterday?!)

Are you more confused right now? OK, let’s take a break. There are more final particles in Cantonese. I can’t finish all of them today. I believe that today’s video won’t help you to speak like a native Cantonese speaker. It is just a video to list these interjections. Remember to watch more Cantonese videos and practice more in daily life.

If you want to know more interjections, please leave me a comment below. If you want to watch more, please like and share this video with your friends. 多谢晒,唔该晒. 下次见喇 Bye Guys