To look for

1. 揾 [wan2] to look for

a. 我揾紧工吖!

[ngo5 wan2 gan2 gung1 aa1]

I am looking for a job.

b. 你揾紧咩吖?

[ngo5 wan2 gan2 me1 aa1]

What are you looking for?

c. 你吖妈揾你吖!

[nei5 aa1 maa1 wan2 nei5 aa1!]

Your mom is looking for you.

揾 is not only looking for items but also person. There are some useful expressions about 揾 as well.

揾钱[wan2 cin2] to make money

d. Daddy Mommy 揾钱好唔容易㗎!

[…wan2 cin2 hou2 m4 jung4 ji6 gaa3!]

It’s not easy for your parents to make money.

Or making a living:揾食[wan2 sik6]

食 means eating. Food is the basic requirement for us to live.

e. 揾食艰难

It’s difficult to make a living.

揾男朋友 [wan2 naam4 pang4 jau5]

to look for a boyfriend

揾着数 [wan2 zoek3 sou3] to look for benefits

2. 买 [maai5] to buy

a. 我想买条裙呀!

[ngo5 soeng2 maai5 tiu4 kwan4 aa3!]

I want to buy a dress.

b. 你要唔要买部新电话呀?

[nei5 jiu3 m4 jiu3 maai5 bou6 san1 din6 waa2 aa3]

Do you want to buy a new phone?

买嘢[maai5 je5]:buy things=shopping

c. 我哋去商场买嘢啰!

[ngo5 dei6 heoi3 soeng1 coeng4 maai5 je5 lo3!]

Let’s go to the mall for shopping!

3. 而家 [ji4 gaa1] now

a. 我而家喺屋企。

[ngo5 ji4 gaa1 hai2 uk1 kei2.]

I am at home now.

b. 我而家上紧课。

[ngo5 ji4 gaa1 soeng5 gan2 fo3.]

I am studying now.

c. 你而家得唔得闲呀?

[nei5 ji4 gaa1 dak1 m4 dak1 haan4 aa3?]

Are you free now?