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Today, we are going to learn a Cantonese word 玩, which has three pronunciations so that you’re probably pronouncing it wrong.

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This character 玩 has three pronunciations.(waan2)(wun6)(waan4)

You must have learnt the first pronunciations from the popular and classic song sung by 阿Sam,许冠杰. His songs reminds me of my entire childhood and my dad.

#1 [waan2]

It is often used to mean play,玩电话[waan2 din6 waa2](play phone)玩游戏[waan2 jau4 hei3](play games)and also in this song, it mentions 贪玩[taam1 waan2] (playful) and 好玩[hou2 waan2](interesting/fun).

For example, your girlfriend reminds you not to play phone all the time,

Then she would say:

[mai5 jat6 jat6 waan2 din6 waa2 laa3, teng1 haa6 ngo5 gong2 je5 hou2 m4 hou2]


Don’t always play your phone. Could you listen to me a little bit?

Then you could tell her,

ni1 zek3 hou2 hou2 waan2 aa3, jat1 cai4 waan2 laa3!


This game is fun. Let’s play together.

If I were your girlfriend, maybe I will be mad and say,

ngo5 dei6 waan2 jyun4 laa3! m4 hou2 zoi3 lai4 wan2 ngo5 aa3!


We are done! Please don’t come to me any more.

玩完[waan2 jyun4] means something is done and finished,or, game over.

What’s more, it also means “tease or trifle with” like 玩女人 [waan2 neoi5 jan4](womanize) and 玩嘢[waan2 je5](play a trick)We must watch this on the Cantoense movies before.


nei5 tung4 ngo5 sing2 sing2 ding6 ding6 aa3! mai5 waan2 je5 aa3!


Be careful for me. Don’t play a trick!

#2 [wun6]

It has the meaning of toy since the character is originated from 玉 jade. Lots of Chinese antique is kind of ancient toy made by jade. So we call them 古玩[waan2] It is the second tone because of the sound change.

The other common word is 玩具。This song is also my favorite-玩玩具.

#3 [waan4]

The last one is not so common. But if you watch some Cantonese ancient TV shows, sometimes you could hear this one 玩笑 [waan4 siu3]

It means jokes.

nei5 dim2 ho2 ji5 lo2 ni1 di1 je5 lai4 hoi1 waan2 siu3 gaa3?


How could you play a joke with these?

开玩笑 means play a joke. But we usually use 讲笑 which literally means “tell a joke”

mai5 nau1 laa3, ngo5 gong2 siu3 zaa3!


Don’t be mad. I am just kidding!

Hope you enjoy today’s video and there is no more confusion on “play” in Cantonese. See you guys soon!