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Many students ask me to do some tutorial videos about the elder. So I will create a new list of videos related to take care of the elder. I think it will be very useful for you to get on well with your grandparents who could only speak Cantonese and learn more Cantonese culture from them.

Today we are going to learn some words and sentences when our grandparents feel unwell (If you want to go to Cantonese clinic, it’s also helpful!)

  1. How to Address Our Grandparents

Let’s make it quickly. Not everyone is just called grandpa/grandma in Chinese. Dad’s dad is 爷爷 [je4 je2] . Dad’s mom is 嫲嫲[maa4 maa4] Mom’s dad is 公公[gung4 gung1], Mom’s mom is 婆婆[po4 po1]. The elder who are not bloody related to you are called 公公婆婆[gung1 gung1po4 po1 ]

eg .ngo5 zung1 ji3 heoi3 si5 keoi1 zung1 sam1 pui4 di1 gung4 gung1 po4 po1.


I like to go to the community center to company with the elder.

  • How are you?(To the patient)

见点呀 [gin3 dim2 aa3]?literally means “see how”.

见 Here means “feel” like how do you feel?

je4 je2, nei5 gam1 jat6 gin3 dim2 aa3?


Grandpa, how are you today?(Do you feel better?)

  • Do you feel unwell?

Grandson: 有冇唔舒服呀?

                      Do you feel unwell?

Grandpa: 我今日有啲唔舒服。

                      I don’t feel good today.

  • What’s matter?

You must ask him which part he feel unwell.

( nei5 gin3) bin1 dou6 m4 syu1 fuk6 aa3?


 What’s wrong with you?

  • Some Symptoms in Cantonese

There is only one word to describe painful-痛[tung3]

Body part+痛 could be used on some symptoms,

(BTW, I have prepared a quiz of body part in Cantonese for you. Just check the link on description.)

头痛[tau4 tung3] headache

ngo5 go3 tau4 hou2 tung3 aa3! nam2 m4 dou2 je5 aa3!


My head is painful. I can’t think!

牙痛 toothache

喉咙痛 sore throat

肚痛 stomachache

ngo5 m4 zi1 hai6 mai6 sik6 co3 je5 ne1. go3 tou5 hou2 tung3 aa3!


I don’t know if I ate something wrong. My stomach is painful!

And for the elder, their joints will be painful when the weather changes.

Rheumatism is a normal sickness for lots of old people. For Chinese, we think it’s caused by wind and humid. That’s why we called it 风湿, which literally means wind and humid.

风湿[fung1 sap1] will cause 膝头哥痛[sat1 tau4 go1 tung3] . That’s why the old generation always warn us to wear pants instead of skirt.


Don’t wear skirt. You will feel regretful when your knees are painful one day.

There are also some common symptoms like,

感冒 catch a cold



Are you ok? I caught a little bit cold

发烧[faat3 siu1] have a fever


Nei5 ngaak6 tau4 hou2 hing3, hai6 mai6 faat3siu1 aa3

Your forehead is quite hot. Do you have a fever?

And you may feel dizzy when you caught a cold

头晕[tau4 wan4] 晕 means dizzy.

ngo5 jau5 di1 tau4 wan4 aa3! nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 fu4 haa6 ngo5 aa3?


I feel a little bit dizzy. Could you carry me?

And when you have something wrong, you feel like vomiting.

ngo5 jau5 di1 soeng2 au2 aa3!


Today we just learn these. Next lesson we will involve more sickness and teach you how to see a doctor with your grandparents.

I don’t get on well with my grandparents. So maybe what I teach today is not so considerate. If you have any idea, just leave me a comment. And if you want to support me, please give me a like. I really appreciate that. Thank you~ Bye~