Hello guys. Welcome back to Dope Chinese. 我係你哋嘅老师Gloria.Long time no see, guys.  我係咪肥咗呀?!  It’s so cold here~~
Last time I made a video of 20 verbs you have to know as a beginner and you guys love it a lot. Today we are going to learn 20 Adjectives  you have to know as a beginner.
The first one is the most frequent adjective that you say every day, like 靓女[leng3 neoi2],靓仔[leng3 zai2],靓姨[leng3 ji1]….. So when we compliment a girl on her clothes,
1. 靓 leng3 pretty

nei5 gin6 saam1 hou2 leng3 aa3! hai2 bin1 maai5 gaa3?


Your clothes are pretty. Where did you buy it?

2. 样衰 joeng6 seoi1  ugly/embarrassing

ngo5 gam1 ziu1 jing6 co3 jan4 aa3, hou2 joeng6 seoi1 aa3!


I mistook a person for someone else this morning. So embarrassing.

3. 高 gou1 tall

kei4 sat6 ngo5 m4 hai6 hou2 gou1 zaa3!


Actually, I am not very tall.

Some friends think I am tall according to my posts on IG, but actually, I am not. So I would like to say

4. 矮 [ai2] short

daan6 hai6 ngo5 m4 syun3 ai2.


But I am not short.

唔算[m4 syun3 ]:not count

5. 肥 [fei4] fat

ngo5 gam2 zoek3 hou2 fei4 aa3!


I look fat when dressing in this way.

6. 瘦 [sau3]  slim; thin; skinny

keoi5 sau3 dou3 dak1 paang4 gwat1


She is so skinny.

dou3:reach to

dak1:only have

paang4: a classifier for skeleton


7. 索 [sok3]  sexy

tiu4 neoi5 hou2 sok3 aa3!


This girl is so sexy.

When you go to pou4 bars at night, you will find that lots of girls are so sexy.

8. 老[lou5] old

ngo5 lou5 laa3! di1 gei3 sing3 jyut6 lai4 jyut6 caa1.


I am so old now. My memory is getting worse.

9. 后生 [hau6 saang1] young

ngo5 hau6 saang1 go2 zan6, tin1 bat1 paa3 dei6 bat1 paa3.


When I was young, there was nothing to be afraid of.

10. 大只/大隻 
[daai6 zek3] strong 

ngo5 dei6 m4 maai6 zau2 gaa3!


This trainer is very strong.

11. 细 [sai3]  in a small size/at the young age

ni1 zek3 gau2 zai2 hou2 sai3 zek3, hou2 dak1 ji3 aa3!


This dog is very small and cute.

sai3 lou2 / sai3 mui2

细佬 /细妹

young brother/ young sister


12. 多  [do1] many

ngo5 hei1 mong6 jau5 hou2 do1 cin2.


I wish I have lots of money

Business man counting dollar banknote – online business concept
13. 少 [siu2] less; few

hou2 siu2 jan4 wui5 lai4 ni1 dou6 waan2


Few people will visit here.

小 has the different meaning of 少

小-small(written language)

14. 贵 [gwai3] expensive

ni1 bou6 din6 waa2 jau5 di1 gwai3 aa3. ngo5 maai5 m4 hei2 aa3!


This mobile phone is a little expensive. I can’t afford it.

15. 平 peng4 cheap

peng4 di1 dak1 m4 dak1 aa3?


Could it be cheaper?

16. 啱 ngaam1 right 

ngo5 gam2 gong2 ngaam1 m4 ngaam1 aa3?


Am I saying this right?

17. 错[zoek3] wrong

ngo5 zou6 co3 zo2 laa3! jyun4 loeng6 ngo5 laa3!


I did something wrong. Please forgive me.


18. 忙 mong4 busy 

ngo5 ji4 gaa1 jau5 di1 mong4. jat1 zan6 zoi3 tung4 nei5 king1.


I am a little bit busy now, Talk with you later.

19. 得闲 [dak1 haan4] free

nei5 gam1 maan5 dak1 m4 dak1 haan4 aa3?


Are you free tonight?

20. 冻 [dung3] cold

ni1 paai4 hou2 dung3 aa3! ngo5 m4 soeng2 juk1 aa3!


It’s cold recently. I don’t want to move.

21. 暖 [nyun5] warm

gam1 jat6 ceot1 zo2 taai3 joeng4, hou2 nyun5 aa3


It’s sunny today. so warm~

22. 热 jit6 hot

tai2 jit6 aa3!= jan1 zyu6 luk1 can1 aa3!


Caution. Hot.