Hello guys. Welcome back to Dope Chinese. 我係你哋嘅老师Gloria. 

Today we are going to learn 20 Verbs  you have to know as a beginner. 
1.   eat

nei5 sik6 zo2 faan6 mei6 aa3

你   食咗  饭   未  呀?

Have you eaten?

2. jam2 drink

ngo5 jiu3 jam2 zan1 zyu1 naai5 caa4


I want to drink bubble tea.

3. 钟意[zung1 ji3] to like/爱[oi3] to love

ngo5 hou2 zung1 ji3 nei5! ngo5 oi3 nei5

我好钟意你!   我爱你!

I like you a lot.        I love you

4. 睇 [tai2] to read/see/watch

 ngo5 m4 zung1 ji3 tai2 din6 si6


I don’t like watching TV.


5. 听 [teng1] listen

nei5 zung1 m4 zung1 ji3 teng1 can4 jik6 seon3 ge3 go1 aa3?


Do you like to listen to Eason Chan’s songs?

6. 闻 [man4] smell

di1 tong1 man4 hei2 san1 hou2 hoeng1 aa3!


The soup smells good.

7. 识[sik1]  to know/be able to

nei5 sik1 m4 sik1 keoi5 aa3?


Do you know him?

nei5 sik1 m4 sik1 gong2 jing1 man2 aa3?


Could you speak English?

8. 明[ming4] to understand

ngo5 m4 ming4 aa3!


I don’t understand.

9. 买 [maai5]to buy

ngo5 maai5 zo2 bou6 san1 sau2 gei1.


I bought a new mobile phone

10. 卖 [maai6]to sell

ngo5 dei6 m4 maai6 zau2 gaa3!


We won’t sell alcohol.

m4 goi1, ni1 go3 dim2 maai6 aa3?


How does it sell?—>How much is it?

11. 行[haang4] to walk/to go

ngo5 haang4 lou6 faan1 gung1.


I walk to work

nei5 haang4 heoi3 bin1 aa3?


Where are you going?


12. 讲 to say/speak

gong2 gwong2 dung1 waa2/ gong2 baak6 waa2


Speak Cantonese

nei5 hai2 dou6 gong2 me1 aa3?


What are you talking about?

13. 学[hok6] to learn

ngo5 soeng2 hok6 faat3 man4 aa3!


I want to learn French.

14. 开[hoi1] to open

bin1 go3 ne1? dang2 ngo5 hoi1 mun4 sin1!


Who is it? Let me open the door first.

15. 闩/关[saan1/gwaan1
to close

hou2 dung3 aa3! ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 saan1 coeng1 aa3?


It’s very cold. Could I close the window?

Nowadays, because of the combination of Mandarin, 关 is very normal to be used as well. 
16. 熄[sik1] to turn off

sik1 dang1 fan3 gaau3 laa3!


Turn off the light and sleep.

17. 着[zoek3] to wear

ting1 jat6 zoek3 me1 saam1 ne1?


What clothes should I wear tomorrow?

In Thailand, it’s quite normal to take off our shoes before we get in the house. But for some international friends, they don’t care about it. So it’s better to ask,

18. 除[ceoi4] to take off

sai2 m4 sai2 ceoi4 haai4 jap6 uk1 aa3?


Do I need to take off my shoes to get in the house?

19. 洗[sai2] to wash

hou2 dung3 aa3! ngo5 m4 soeng2 sai2 tau4 aa3!


So cold. I don’t want to wash my hair

20. 坐[co5] to sit

co5 aa1!


Have a seat